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Movie Play is simple to understand: you can create a page for a movie script and then the internet community can write things to that script.

Start directly: You have an idea for a movie: To create a community page for your movie idea write a "working title" for your script into the search field, then search, a page will tell you that the page you searched does not exist of course, then click create page, read the text that appears. enter your idea and don't forget to save.

Movie Play is script writing on movie scripts where everybody can write something. By submitting an idea you admit that everybody can use it in every form. You are welcome as an author: Click Edit in the top right corner of any script and contribute your ideas. If you want to work more with this site read: How to use Movie Play. Keep copies of what you write also on your computer.

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After saving whatever you wrote you will be asked to type "go" into a text field as a captcha and then save again. You give your ideas completely to the scriptwriters community here. In turn: Every script idea you see on this page is yours to use in any way and also sell the product you make from it.

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Movie Play open source scriptwriting community for movies, film, tv, theater or books. Script writers community

scriptwriting community
Welcome to Movie Play. Movie Play is simple to understand, you can create a page for a movie script and then everybody can work on this page and write something to the script. This is only possible because every script idea or text that you put to this page becomes the possession of everybody. So every script you start here is actually everybodies script. By putting an idea or a text here you admit that everybody can take it, use it and even sell it. Open source movie scriptwriting community. Film, theater, movie, tv, book or novel scriptwriting.

In return every script idea or text you find on Movie Play you can freely use for yourself.

You could right away follow the link All Scripts above, open one of the movie scripts, click on Edit at the upper right and write something into the script. You do not need to be registered in order to work in this script writing community. everybody can write here. But because at Movie Play several people are working together in the same text you should read about the writing etiquette on this online page. Also you might want to know how to start a script idea. For the etiquette and starting a script you can read the page How to use Movie Play.

Remember if you write something here you admit that everybody can use it as if it was her or his own idea. So you might not want to put your one favourite super script idea to Movie Play.

And please keep copies of what you write here also on your computer.

Note: there is not yet a community here. Google must rank this page higher. this page is all new. Google will rank this page higher if there is more text on it. So if you are a writer and want to support this page: create a script. Every writer start a script here. Only so this will become a strong site for all of us.

So lets script. --Evader (talk) 20:10, 15 May 2015 (CEST)

About Movie Play

General Disclaimer

You can register

writing scripts

You can write on Movie Play without making yourself an user account. But if you come here often and work on the scripts you might want to get in contact with the other authors. If you register you do not need to give any information. You only need a Username like Pinkunicorn21 and come up with a password. You can enter your email and your real name but both is not needed. The real name entry textbox says it helps giving you credit but this is not for this platform. Your name as you want it in movie title credits you have to write into the scripts. So there is really no advantage in giving your real name at registration, also not for possible title credits. If you register you get a little user page where you can write some information about you for the other authors at Movie Play. And after registration you have the possibility to sign your User name in the scripts and then people can send you a message. So registration is the way to get in contact with the other authors. Registration is free. Click on create an account at the upper right to become a registerd user.

scriptwriting community group

Finding scripts

beach group

If you can not find a script then it is not categorized correctly. then follow this link to all uncatagorized scripts. Please copy this notion: [[Category:Action]] and put it at the beginning of the script into the text of the script of course where it says Action you put in the right category.

Uncategorized scripts

If you find your script there then you have probably used the


thing but made a mistake in writing the category right or chose a category that does not exist.

If it is not there you could check the deleted pages

Deleted pages

If it is also not there I probably can not help you. But of course you can contact me on my talk page --Evader (talk) 20:10, 15 May 2015 (CEST)

beach group

What is Movie Play - community movie scriptwriting

community for scripts

This is Movie Play the open movie, film and theater scriptwriting page. Scriptwriting for movies community style. Movie Play is a page where everybody can edit the movie or tv scripts somebody else started. So keep a copy of what you write in Movie Play, so it won’t get lost if somebody thinks some things should be deleted. Also be caring with the writings of others on Movie Play. No registration is needed at Movie Play but you can register for better joining the discussions. You find all the written scripts of this page under All Scripts in the menu. This page is a place for the community of script writers.

Movie Play is an online script writing community community site. What does happen on this page. You take your unfinished ideas for your film scripts or movie and theater skript writing and post them on Movie Play. That is what you do here, you write your scripts here on this page. And what happens first is that everybody who finds your ideas can take them as if they where his or her ideas. And he or she can even go ahead and work with your ideas or just takes them and trie to sell them as they are. With writing whatever scripting idea to Movie Play you allow everybody to use it even commercially. But you do not loose the right to use your own ideas if you put them to this page. The ideas you present here still are your property, but they also are the property of everybody else. So you can still sell your ideas even if you put them to this page, with putting your ideas here you only admit that everybody else can also sell them. That is communal thinking. You give your ideas to the group what you get back are ideas from the others. This is the meeting place for a society of artists. Enter a few ideas for the united efford of revision and development.

colletive writers

What is this good for? Are you just giving away your best movie ideas. No, of course not. What many younger authors underestimate is the fact that movie scripts are not written by single genius persons. When Hollywood started each studio hired like 10 authors and they had them write the film scripts together. And nowadays the practice for making movie scripts for blockbusters is much the same. The basic movie script may come from one person alone, but then other people are put to the script called Script Doctors or Script Consultants. Most time you do not get aware of this because these script doctors or script consultants are often not credited, that means their name does not even appear in the titles. But fact is nobody can write a great script alone. Hollywood knows since the 1910s and it is true to the present day. And as long as you can not afford some 9 script doctors Movie Play is the place to be. The Writers Guild of America, which is a kind of a labour union for scriptwriters defines that to get a credit in the titles you have to contribute over 50 percentage of the movie script to get a credit, so we see they alao know that a film script is never written by one single person.


So use the power of many authors for your script writing effords. Why should you write and develope your ideas alone if there are so many talented scriptwriters out there.

And every idea of another author put to your script is just as good as if you would have had it yourself. What you fond on this page you can treat as your own idea. So you can just use it or sell it. For that power it is worth to give some of your ideas to other screenwriters.

And another advantage of this site is the chance to get a credit. Everybody who takes ideas from Movie Play is asked to put the other script authors a credit in the movie titles. If you did most of the movie writing yourself then you should credit the other authors at least as “Additional scripting”. So posting your ideas on this page is a chance to get credited. And who tries to really make it as a movie script author knows how important credits can be. So please take the crediting of other authors in your titles serious. You do not have to credit. Every idea that you find on Movie Play can be treated as one of your own ideas. To make that work that you own every single idea on this page you have to admit that all the other people also own your ideas that you put on this page. But remember that the other scriptwriters here are real people, so take crediting them serious even if it is not a must on this page.


Younger screenwriters or script authors might not want to write here, because they might think, just as I did and still do today, that they are the most talented script authors ever. But the older you get the more you understand that writing a script alone is not as good as writing a script together. And you start to understand, that selling a script is not so easy anyways because it has to be a really good script. And you begin to understand that there is stuff you can learn from others, even if it is just a different perspective.

If somebody contributes to your script he can have the whole thing also for himself. No actually even before, if he or she sees the script it already is his or her possesion to make a movie, film or theatre play out of it. The point is that this is it what makes contributing here a thing that is good for you. For every idea you give you can take 10 new ones home with you. It is like being an author that has the talent and knowledge of many authors. You well risk that your script gets produced and you never see a penny. Be aware of that, and also be aware of the great benefits.

communities of writers and artists

So authors who know that they will very probably sell the film script they are writing and then get the money should not write scripts for movies on Movie Play. But all of you, who know that probably no movie company is going to ever buy your written script and all of you who know that you will film this script on your own anyways, for all of you Movie Play should be just perfect.

So what I am going to do with writing my scripts is that I will keep my very special project out of here. It is ways to genius to just have it copied. And also I know that I will put a lot of work into it and do not to much need other authors for this. But a scriptwriter does not work only on one idea. So all my other scripts will probably not come to be done in a way that I think is good enough. And the biggest problem is that there comes no input to them by itself. So those are the ideas for movie scripts I will put here. Maybe not my all special project. But my other projects. And maybe when I come back somebody or even multiple authors have taken up the idea and have written something to enhance it. As their prize they can take the complete movie script and make a play, film or book from it. But for this I just trust in my talent in movie making and trust that when I make my movie of this script it will become much better. And who knows if somebody has a writing style you like and you both are registered you might get into contact with people to work together for screenwriting and film making.

scriptwriting community

Of course you have the right to develope movie scripts for yourself without using Movie Play open source scriptwriting for movies. So you might also put up a movie or film script writing project and get some initial ideas and then at some point copy it to your personal computer and finish the idea by yourself.

Movie Play is also for theater scripts, so it is also an open source community theaterical play scriptwriting page. You can of course also use this site to write books, that means novels together. The format of the articles does not have to be necessarily in the style of a movie or film script. Scriptwriting in this case also means writing books. How to write a book is in many cases similar to movie screenwriting. The ways to make a book work are the same ways like making a theater play, film or tv show or tv serial work. Because movie, tv, books or film scripts as well as theatrical plays use story or plot. So of course you can also start a book or a novel on Movie Play. This community page is generally for scripts as they are used for movies, tv, film and theater so please drop a note at the beginning if the script if the writing is for a book or a novel if you want this. To understand how to write a great movie script, a good film or a theater play you will also find help on this page. There are articles about scriptwriting. That answer the questions how to write a good movie. so there is also scriptwriting theories or theory featured on this open source community scriptwriting page.


Enjoy open source scriptwriting. And write great movie scripts together. Or start a book for everybody to write on. Or open a page for a theater play and write on it with other people. Or at least have other people put scripting ideas to it. Have fun with this community scriptwriting page.

Welcome everybody. Have fun on Movie Play. Yeah. --Evader (talk) 20:10, 15 May 2015 (CEST)

Movie Scriptwriting Community

Movie Script Community

Screenwriters Group

Movie and Film Writers

Explaining the signs

What makes a movie script great


But a text that becomes the base for a movie does not only have to be creative or new. Since ever humanity had stories and so it was only logical that at some point people started to think about what would be the necessary points to make a story interesting. And over the centuries people found a lot of points that a story can consist of that will capture attention. Vivid characters for example. And also "spectacle" which refers to the presentation of spectacular things or grand sets for example. But not only these two aspects make a story interesting for the human community. There is also a certain ammount of interest that oral, written or filmed stories transport by the unfolding of the events. What is it that the spectators know and what is it he or she want to know. What has to be told in order to give enough information to follow the events. At what point certain information should be given or held back. Thoughts out of this field of how the story is arranged are called dramaturgical ideas. What makes a story interesting is not just some private thoughts of authors. the subject how literary works are to be created to capture a viewers attention is well taught in university. It is on the curriculum of the language studies of the corresponding country. So it is taught as a part of german studies in germany. Also it is part of dramatics, theatrical sciences or performance studies which all three very much are the same course of studies. So what is good about a story is an academical subject. There are books and books of theorie concerning this issue. The first book about this was written about 2300 years ago and is stil read today. It is called "poetics by aristotle" and is today because of its age available for free online reading.


dramaturgie in a script

association for screenplays

Now we come to the word dramaturgy. But before lets talk about another thing: One of the things that make a work of literature or a movie interesting is "Spectacle" and in this scriptwriting community we have to look at In Jurassic park the appearance of the dinosaurs for example is a typical example of "spectacle" because there is no story needed to make these prehistoric creatures something you want to look at. So in terms of story-science these ancient creatures make the movie something you want to watch, something interesting, something that catches the viewer attention. This has nothing to do with dramaturgie. This is another point of the idea of why is a story nice to hear for an audience. Another typical event of spectacle in a movie is the car chase. You do neither need a fascinating story, nor do you need some unique characters to make a car chase something that captivates the viewers attention. A fight in a movie, if two people go and make it out with their fists is another common example. But there are many more things that belong to this categorie. Seeing an impressive landscape or picture a landscape from a science fiction or fantasie world that is computer generated. Also great costumes can be out of the categorie "spectacle". Battle scenes, space battles, Gold treaures, a tank. All these things are subsumed under this categorie. So it is always neccessary to get away from the idea that a story presents only clever stuff about like talk and back talk and the meaning they hold. A lot of things are also made up of spectacle. Things you don't need to think about. things that put you in awe or make you intimidated. It is always good to know about this idea. Of things that benefit the reader without looking like high ancient greek drama art.

screenwriting in a community

So it is a pretty clever idea to notice that a literarical piece of work or a film is not only interesting through the logical aspects of the unfolding plot. Ideas like these have been developed by scientists and the scriptwriters community since thousands of years. In fact the first book about this topic that we know of is the Poetics by Aristotle. A book about the staging of dramatic works. This 2500 year old book contains a lot of ideas about how a plot has to be written that it fascinates and benefits the viewer. It is still today a standard work for the community of scriptwriters. So describing the ideas behind dramatic literature is a very old disciplin. In a common efford artists and scientists devoped a stable frame for finding what works well in this craft. So a large group of people in this society already figured out great ways to go in literature. Considering that reading what the commonality put up is a great thing also makes clear why writing in a group of people serves an important need. Really god things are developed together. And so in history of all arts writing ideas about the making of art have accompanied humanity for a long time. The body of art producing people and people interested in art have done a lot of work piecing together the whats and whens of a good "chain of events" as a foundation of a dramatic work. And the devised a lot of guiding ideas for coming up with related ideas like for example the spectacle we just talked about. This element of spectacle is one of the better known ideas for scriptwriting. It is right one of those point created in human science and thinking about what actually it is that makes a story something that you want to see or hear. And out of the same thinkings another word was developed. it serves as a headline for the disciplene itself. So there is a word for the idea of writing a script in the right way and that word is "dramaturgy".

movie scripts group creating

So just defining the rules htat seem to apply for the question: what is it that makes you want to listen and find entertaining or phrased with the opposite: what makes a fictional story boring. This indeed became a science. Dramaturgie is a common field of research for human groups.

So you say that dramaturgical aspect are considered when people speak about scriptwriting. Dramaturgie is the field of knowledge that thinks about if a story for theater or tv will capture a viewers attention.

What is a script doctor


Big blockbuster scripts are written by many different persons. One reason for that is of course that they have to be done after a certain ammount of time. But the main reason for having several people work on the same script is of course that the moviescript gets much better the more people work on it. So since the first studios opened in Hollywood it was tradition to have a set of authors working on the scripts. And so in the bigger movie studios there are up to the present day always many outhors working simultaniously on a story that is later to be filmed. But not all creative persons that are involved in setting up the text base of a filmic production will be mentioned in the credits. So often there is only one writer actually named in the ending titles of a feature film. And so one could come to the impression that there are geniouses that can just write a movie that elates the masses. But of course this is not how it is. This idea falls short of the fact that the really good scripts are always group effords. And who could by hmiself overview all the different aspects we have seen before that make a good story.

Many script doctors you don't know by name as it is usual not to mention these people who additionally work on the scripts. Sometimes the procedure of enhancing the script according to the rules of dramaturgie is called script polishing. As if you would polish a piece of metal or a shoe or a sofa to make it shiny. Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino are not only directors and sceenwriters. They also worked as script doctors for scripts they did not write themselves. That means these directors where given the scripts and then they wrote things to it or changed aspects of the story in order to make the complete thing more fun or more suspensful or in any other aspect more interesting.

Carrie Fisher, yes Leia from the original Star Wars movies also worked as a script doctor. She helpt to improve scipts such as: Hook, Sister Act, Lethal Weapon 3 and last Action Hero. So all these famous works name other people as being the authors behind the whole screepplay but at some point in the tevelopement of theses writings the script was given to Carrie Fisher with the task to look if it is good enough and if not to change it until it is improoved. This is a paid job but it does not give you a writing credit in the titles of of a filmic production. So a usual script is checked and improved by script doctors, additional authors you not to much hear about.

This is a common practice in all of hollywoods film industrie. It was done in that way in this buiseness since ever. Any ego ideas of being the sole creator of a work of art don't make sense if you want to have a great piece as the result of your effords. And so it is more then understandable that in an industry that spends millions on the production of some pieces it must be enshured that the foundation of the whole film is as good as possible. There are other concepts used to guarantee high revenues at the box office. For example the idea of "high concept" movies that was developed in the seventies. This idea refers to an easy to understand plot line that draws viewers into the cinema. One of the famous examples of this technique of creating a film that uses a very catchy base concept is Beverly Hills Cop which goes by the idea "Black cop from a poorer area comes to the rich and not to black people friendly Beverly Hills and solves the case". Sounds interesting and that is the idea behind it. everybody con understand easily what the story is about and will be tempted to watch the movie. so this is one idea of catching attention for a production but in generall the same rule applies to cinematic productions which also applies to every other artwork. The better it is the more peole will want to see it. Andt thats why the science of dramaturgie is the one thing that is applied to movies on a big scale. and So there are always other persons working on scripts then the person that is named as the author. That is why a scriptwriting community makes so much sense. Because on this page you have people to work on your scripts as script doctors. Of course in this type of open community you can not keep the ideas all for yourself to own at the end. But imagine what you learn from the other writers of the community. And always keep in mind that a script written solely by yourself will not make it big anyways. If one does not like the idea of giving a script to the group of autors and ultimatly loose ones rights then of course each persons personal developments should not be presented here. But for learning to be a much better screen writer you will find fellow artists putting ideas into your work simply because of the fact that it actually is also their work. So what you have here is additonal talent for your work and of course you learn from the ideas that other people have.

screenwriting group

theory of writing scripts

scripting community

Some people think that writing a movie takes a week or so. But it is a formula in script writing that says: writing is always "writing and then rewriting". The more people look at the ideas and comment on it the better. So lets hope this scriptwriting community page gives us all a good possibility to work on your scripts together. In a collective efford we will reach more then as if somebody would write all by himself. So fill this page with ideas. And use the ideas you find here for your own writing. Just feel welcome to post ideas to the scripts or start your own script.

scrip for the industry

Here now are some Wikipedia articles on scriptwriting from there you can start to browse around there is some theory about writing and act structure and the like. It is always interesting to read stuff like that. It gives new ideas and new perspectives. Even reading all that stuff again is nice most times. The craft of writing is nothing without the great theory behind it. Learn from the insightful thoughts of others. A lot of great material was written on the figurations and possible uses of stories. It is a real treasure of knowledge that lies ready for us. Never underestimate the advantage of reading theoretical works. It is a great communal efford of humanity to build up all these frameworks in which a delightful tale can be build.


First the article about screenwriting itself. It will link you as a matter of fact to some important articles that you can read or read again.


Now an article about one basic dramaturgical aspect of screenwriting: the Act Structure. An act in a parformance is a section that is bound by a dramaturgical aspect. For example explaining the heroes problem or conflict is usuallay the first act of a script.

Act structure

And then it is really fascinating to read about the concept if The Heroes Journey. This describes a model of a plot that was derived from stories that where found in the human community. It describes older books that can actually be called acient. but the structure it presents is still a highly regarded guideline for screenwriting today. This article is absolutly a must read in my opinion.

A prototype of traditional story writing

scripwriter gathering

In the science of writing of the last 50 years one aspect that got a bigger focus was researching communities and their generall attitudes towards and strategies for mastering life. It was more and more looked upon as giving important notions on how to understand the phenomenon theater and television no actually all art production as a thing made by the society and also made for the society. So it can be helpfull to look at the article of Cultural studies. At first it does not seem to have so much to do with the craft of screenwriting but as a model developed in society and aiming at having an effect on people in the group and at group structures a general knowledge about the workings of these structures and social workings is indeed aa thing that is worth having a look at. This university subject researches the things that describe a community or group of people such as nations, tribes or even clubs.

screenwriting community

Cultural studies a university subject

Community studies a related subject

And finaly. when we already look at what society holds in store for us in term of writing fiction then lets learn from the best. Some screenwriters stand out from the group for especially insightful thoughts about the whats and whens of a well written story. so lets look at this list of people considered screen writing gurus.

hail to the script writing community

We have come together to hail the script writing community. No one is an island. This is true everywhere in life and more so true it is in script writing. What are your ideas if they stand against the ideas of ten creative people. And even if your ideas are the most unique why would you not have them prove read by other people. So today we form a complete new idea of scripting and that is Open Source Script Writing. The idea of open source is an idea taken from programming. In this concept every user is asked to work on the sourcee code of a program. All ideas the user puts in become a community property. This same idea now we are projecting on authoring a script. So this project serves the scribe to have what hollywood provides for its professionals. One may think he or she is the best author in history but let us consider: The industry would never put a few million dollars into a piece if only one person saw it and it was not revised. As a single scribe this is one of your major problems: you are lacking a team of professional writers. We can not get said team because those workers cost money. We would have to spend a fortune on having our writings revised by these workmen. So what can we offer in order to get this squad behind our theatrical piece. In order to get workers for a movie when no money was made yet there is the tradition of promising money to the people who work along as soon as money is made with the project. This system is called "deferrals". The employed person becomes a part owner of the finished product. So when the movie comes to the theaters and money comes in the laborers are payed off. So now we will take this concept and combine it with Open Source Programming. You pay every coworker with deferrals which are in this case that he or she owns the a full version of the copyright of the script for him or herself. In this regard you are paying every person that reworks your script.

craft of screenwriting

But will you not lose the great copywright of my script? Of course this is the main question. As artists we are glad of being the copyright holders of our own work. Ultimatly this is what we sell on the market. So how could we produce a script in a community ultimatly creating a piece which everybody can sell before I do and which ultimatly I can not sell. What can be said to this in regard to the project on hand. Regarding this to major points have to be considered.

How good would your script have been? Honestly if you consider the concepts of a final screenplay created together with several people in a group. Well maybe the answer to that is not all so clear. But given that we are to be honest lets say other people might add a thing or two of value. We experience this often as soon as we talk about our writing. The thoughts of the people in our company are often clever and insightful. So why not connect with people who not only are themselves interested in this field but also are perfectly paid. But yet will the loss of the copyright not make any efford on my script useless? And to answer that we come back to Shakespear. One of the greatest playwrights of all times and we sure can expect him to know the craft of writing. And he of course did. But there is a point to discover here that concernes as well copyright as well as postmodern ideas of every performance being unique. The actual story of Shakespears Romeo and Juliette was not authored by himself. The plot of this play was already created in the middle ages. So in this case the great playwright took a story and told it again. He added a few parts, rearange the whole thing to give it in his eyes a proper dramatic structure and then put the whole thing in verses to be spoken by charscters on an elizabethan stage. But the story itself is not by him you could already read it some 400 years ago. So the point to this is: A script is only as good as it is made movie. Well actually of course that is not true. A great script remains a great script. This was spoken from the point of seeing the movie as the final product. And then it becomes true. Somebody not as talented as yourself might take the script and make a completely bad film out of it. As well as also you might lets say take a script that by now is copyright free from H. G. Wells like War of the Worlds and make it into a movie. And with your skills it could become the best adaption of that classic book ever made. What this says is we are so dependant on the sources of writing we have left from the previous ages of history that the line blur according genuine authorship. can you vouch for that you did not draw on the oddysee. You better can not as a writer well should put his attention much to previous works of art. Therefor was it not embarrissin for another one of worldest greatest playwrights Aeschylus to admit that his work was only presenting "slices from the great banquet of Homer" referring to that another author of a time before him had written the plots which he used then to make his theatrical plays. And modern Scienes lets us suspect that Homer himself was to a part merely collecting stories that where folklore. So what we can see here is that first off from an overviewing point one has to ask: who owns story is this actually. And second off and maybe more important for the market: How good will this movie first be when I have been the director? So actually you are not trading all to much with this deal. You are only making your script a crative common a bit earlier where hopefully your story would have landed anyways. Isn't it a dream of every author to contribute to humanities story tradition? And this aim definitely becomes more graspable if we work in a cluster.

community for scripts

If then still you wish to be the owner of the finished piece then there is one strategie left. Remember we just had the great playwrights of history drawing on external sources for creating their art. Apart from staging these scenarios they added another value to it. And that was their own revision. No one sais this revision can not be done from a play that you also worked on. So you still have the possibility to take the script from here and then create a secret final version that then only you hold the copyright to. You have the right to do so. Whatever you read here is yours to use even if you never never wrote one single bit to it. So if you take work you find here home with you and revise that thing to be the next bestseller which is only you then hold the copyright to then this is absolutely what you should do as an artist and community member. In this case you would be selling a revised edition from the last openly published script and that you can well do. with that we have addressed the min problems of communal writing. We have seen that more then often only in combined efford great pieces of art are created.

But it is not only that factor that makes a clique of artists a great thing. Not only since modernism you have to consider the life experience. As Monet thought of the church of rouen as a building that looks different with the lighting of each day and so more brought the individual perspective of a spectator into view of the theories. And also as Richard Wagner a bit earlier seemingly nearly created the concept of "living as an expression of art with all its positive effects". We today feel encouraged to take our lifetime into account when creating art. So why not write in a group even if it is just for the fun of it. Given that the greatest writers used material everybody could have also used there is not too much we lose when working on our scripts collectively.

And the next big thing we have to consider in this is the idea of learning. Sure we can learn a big deal from books. But not only practice makes perfect but every input we get from others is something we memorize. And this can be put into our script writing because the ideas presented become a common property. So with giving this freedom of taking your concepts to others we gain a bigger freedom and that is the "you said it I use it" concept which is common for conversations among friends. So if now we compare the concepts of writing alone or in a group we see that the communal efford gains better results. Not only in terms of outcome produced but also in regard to the fun spend during the production.

Social Art production

since the stoneage the community efford was utilized in hunting and virtually all other aspects of life in society. Actually the term "Society" already expresses this general concept of mutual support. So it is clearly visible that this behavioral concept originated from public life and was transferred from there to artistic production. So it seems indeed that this strategy to cooperate with peers should fulfil some of the promises it holds. Being a higher outcome in quality and ultimatly ensuring comfortable experiences in the close connection to other writers.


Virtually any slight view into the history of theater making reveals an increadable ammount of cooperation. Lets only take as an example that Goethe and Schiller used to counsel each other in regtard to each others theatrical plays. And the more time it is to put up an online service with respect to united effords on writing.

The differences of this concept compared to workong alone are clearly evident. Working alone quickly leads to frustration and writing blockades. And Most writers wish that during the time they do not use their pen they get input. Also since the craft is done usually with nobody present the social aspect of writing itself is unexpectedly low given that the consumption of the art is thought of as something highly social. And coming back to the thought Wagner and postmodernism seem to chase: should not be the production of art become either a social event or at least a common practice among the members of the society if not even artistic theories influence every day life to adapting a more performance orientated view on human acting in regart to our cosmical developement. Whatever this theoretical approach might bring forth facing a cosmos that is probably no comprehendable from our standpoint and that being said especially regarding "religion" and "higher truth". Should it be that which postmodernt theory points us to at the moment: Working in a group collectively? Considering that the concept of utilizing ones own thoughts and as we have seen the concept of creating unique tradable material at least exist for now we should embrace the possibility of group endeavors. As for the practice of creating tradable material it is to be hoped that a common general payment to every citizen will eliminate this necessity in the futur. As society would with this eliminate one of the major factors that actually prevent teamwork. This thought may serve as another argument why the unconditiona basic pay for people is a great step towards a good society as this taking away of a big factor which works against collaboration also is present in many other aspects of daily life in the community.

Historical communities and societies

The basic concept of this online service is to create a platform for the script writing community. In order to fully experience what this online site has to offer you best not only be an author but also you best be ready to socialize sharing some of your ideas. This new online project serves as a resource for creatives form playwrights to novelists to join up in a team. With this approach a proffenional envirenment for the creation of screenplays is ensured amongst other things. Basically one can compare this idea to a note pad that every user has access to. So here is not only the place where you fully unleash your creativity but also get a response of creativity according to your input. Actually it would be important at startup that people enter their thoughts on a new text in order to give other users the possibility to add to this base. It would be great if people can get something out of this concept and can put it to a good purpose. Generally this forum is of a high quality I would say. And it is based on a background that offers various features. With those possibilities at hand we are dealing with a place here that can well keep a group of aspiring authors happy. Ultimatly it is not the service that makes the site useful. It is the people themselves who are the worth and treasure of any such project. Given this I do hope that a crowd will appear and just speak up. I heard that the concept has been tried out already but I had not heard of it before so one can not be sure if this attempt will work. But actually there is a good feeling in me concerning the usefulness of the underlying concept which makes it well possible that if several users get to see what is presented here a group may come up.

historic scripting society

Whereas formerly typewriters where used nowadays actually keyboards have completely replaced this older tchnique. And One might think at a first glance that this is the logical developement and might pretty sure be absolutely right with this guess. but the neccessity of creating a larger body of text at starttup of any project asthe given one makes this issue nontheless an issue to address here. Well the general idea to use a keyboard of course serves one major purpose and that is that this device serves as a terminal for a computer. The typewriter on the other hand is a machine in itself. And the disadvantages of the latter device is of course that text can not be processed in the same way the first option offers. And in this circumstances clearly the advantages of the second technologie become evident. So in case you are still using a typewriter you should get rid of this old thing and work on your scripts with this newer method. Other means of textual creation are of course pen and paper which probably will still accompany us for the time to come. So it is clear that the choice if devices used in creating proper writing is a question still can be discussed and even if it is only for forming a notable text body that is neccessary for online projects. In this regard it seems wort a notion that the white screen of a word-processing program of course was designed to resemble a white sheet of paper. So if you would take the time to compare the output of any such program with a standard sheep of paper that was processed with a typewriter you will notice striking similarities. Both are of the same color, both use letters in form of types. But not only the form of those two thing is similar also the fields of use for both mentioned devices is actually the same. Ancient Epics where memorized by the story teller and then recited by heart. Later stone tablets or sheets of papyrus and leather where used as a medium for containing text. From that point knowing the whole verses body of a work was not neccessary anymore. The poets could simply read the story in question to the community of listeners. But not only that the inscriptions on these media did not need the person who wrote them in order to be deciphered. That makes the object containing the applied information a middle piece of an information flow. That actually is also what medium means: it means "a thing in the middle". With time the media have developed but still they serve the same purpose. What has actually changed is the usability of each of them. making an inscription in a stone tablet is not as easy as pressing a key on your keybord whereas the result is similar from a certain standpoint because in both cases you fix the information of a certain letter to a medium. As it was tedious to inscribe letters in this ancient form people where glad of every invention that made the craft less tiresome. frome stone inscriptions to usink ink a great step had occured. In the middle ages the printing press became the modern idea to replace societies of monks copying texts. These days we have information technologie giving us an incredable tool for the craft of writing.

Another thing which might be wort a mention in the named above circumstances is that our historical labels are in one regard orientated to the topic of conserving history in writings. the word Prehistory which means "before history" is named by the absence of writing. Stoneage communities did not have this cultural practice. In this case history refers to told historical events very much like the school subject. So the talk about communal effords in writing in which I dare to cite not only prehistory but also the culture of utilized devices is a danting move in enlarging the seeming information given here. And this is not yet over. Other fields losely connected might also be compared. For example it could be mentioned again that the usefulness of concerted action does bye far not stop with letters carved int stone. This usefulness does absolutely expand out to working on modern screenplays. The art of screenwriting is as I mentioned often practiced alone but it is never done by a single person in professional companies. Ther where the result counts very much there is place for single people crafting. Actually as we have seen this concept spans over our entire society and all techniques we put to use. So there is not much of a reasonable explanation if one sticks to the idea of achieving results in this area only by himself.

screenplays and genre groups

If we compare screenplays then we notice that they fall into groups by their genre. Action movies and love movies trigger different forms of reactions on the viewer. So when writing for the silver screen you have to have a look at what effect actually you want to create with your screenplay. The list of categories and conventions is long and so these scripts seem distinguishable at first. But a closer look show how the differences in effects that can be created also seem to cover a large area giving the impression that a distinction by genre is not the ultimate criteria for sorting movies into certain groups. One might also easily suggest to sort screenplays bye the density of dramaturgic action. Which virtually is already done today if you try to name a genre for a script like for example the big Lebowsky. While this movie being a comedy for sure yet ist seemingly avoids a precise genre label which happens through the use of seeming absence of dramaturgic structures. It can be said that as long as grouping scnarios in this way heps us to understand what they are about more easily it servers as a useful differentiation. But one of course has to stay aware that this sorting must be thought over if another type of information is to be extracted from the script. Nevertheless this old form of grouping still remains valid. This system allows for a good number of possibilities in describing movies and the effects they employ. If you would compare lets say science fiction and the western genre you can see similarities in the use of action events like fist fights. And since those events do not take place in all specimen of the given genres this again gives us ideas of questions to ask. There comes up a new need to make up new words in order to describe the whats and whens of the given genres. In finding those new terms a first canonisation of the works is a useful method.

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