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Script Writing Examples

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This page uses Symbols or signs to break up the movie scripts into parts. We use these symbols as an orientation in script writing. So what do these signs mean is of course best explained in the text how to write a movie script. So in this article here I will just name some examples of the parts as we can see them in other movies. So lets have a look at what we find.

The Land[edit]

The land means the fictional world in which the movie takes place. That means the surroundings but also things like, who is in charge. What are the possible dangers in this environment. And some other things so lets just randomly pick out some movies and have a look at how the world of these movies looks like in order to understand what is meant by this symbol.

Jurassic Park. In Jurassic Park the land of the movie is a Dinosaur Park. That pretty much sets the main danger that you encounter in this park and that is of course dinosaurs. Otherwise compared to other movie worlds this world does not have to many other features.

Lethal weapon 1. In Lethal weapon 1. The two cops try to fight a heroin dealer. So the world of the movie is not just L.A. where the action takes place. The drug dealing, that is the world of this particular movie. So the whole drug scene is the world of this movie.

Equally in Total Recall original the world of the movie is not just mars. The world of this film is the whole corruptedly gouverned mars.

In Batman movies the world is obiously Gotham but also here the city of Gotham is a special kind of city. It is full of crime, corrupted gouvernment and these things.

So the world of a film or movie script is always the place and the circumstances.

The Good Guy[edit]

The Good guy in a film or script is always a morally good person. Or he or she becomes a good person in the end.